Medium:Pencil mixed media on canvas

Size [w x h]:Not recorded - enquire for details

Description:This beautiful old house must have been one of the first built by settlers here. Watson's Bay, famous for Doyle's fish restaurant, was the sheltered entrance to Sydney harbour, and the original home of the pilot 'ships' (initially whaler longboats) that greeted new arrivals into the harbour. Small and exquisite, it nestles into the hill under "The Gap", famous for it's shipwrecks and suicides, on the southern side of the beach and wharf. This beautiful spot reeks with early Australian history, mystery, smuggling, murder and tragedy. The artist went painting with the famous portrait painter William Dargi back in 1958 on that spot. He exhibited and sold many paintings, had one man shows, and enjoyed the generosity and good company of Tony Marinato, the Italian owner of both the restaurant and the Watson's Bay Gallery on the wharf (his fish meals and enthusiastic Italian generosity are indelibly engraved in memory).